What is Small? the answer is Mosaico+

Sticks is a system of modules of matter where finishes and cut shapes
multiply potential uses on floors, pavings and walls

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Sticks Clay Mix Smoke 5x30

Sticks is a porcelain stoneware collection; a system of matter+texture+sizes+colours that allows any kind of floor or wall surface to be rendered truly individual.
The important novelty coming from the use of the porcelain stoneware consists in the potential for using mosaic on any type of realization: due to the high resistance and withstand foot traffic qualities of this material, Sticks is suitable for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings and pavings .

Sticks Clay Mis Smoke

Sticks is composed by a “basic stick” which measures 5×3 cm, and is available in 2 variants: SMOOTH (in which a very subtle texture gives the material a hand-crafted air) and MIX (a random assortment of 3 different textures). The “sticks”, boxed as loose pieces, can be used exactly as preferred, to create infinite installation solutions.

To expand even more the possible use of the collection, the sticks are subdivided several times into smaller sizes (1×3 cm and 1×10 cm) and mesh-mounted, completely transforming the initial surface.

The Sticks are conceived to enable its use as a universal flooring surface (both indoor and outdoor), in combination with every Mosaico+ collection, thanks to the aesthetic characteristics of its colours and sizes.

The designer Massimo Nadalini, who is also the Mosiaco+ Art Director, affirm: “I worked by subtraction, seeking simple changes which would modify the perception of the entire finished surface.”

Sticks is made from slabs of pressed material cut into the various collection sizes, with different surface finishes. Available tones: Plaster, Clay, Smoke, Coal.

Sticks 1×30
This format consist in a regular sequence of 1×30 cm mesh-mounted sticks, which allows to create horizontal and vertical tatami or to compose patterns with regular or irregular weave if mixing the modules. The 1×30 cm format is available both in the Smooth and in the Mix variant.

Sticks 5×30
This size is available both in the Smooth version – in which a very subtle texture gives the material a hand-crafted air – and in the Mix one – a random assortment of 3 different textures. The 5×30 format is sold boxed as loose pieces, to allow multiple solutions of pose and a high level of customization

Sticks 1×10
In this last version the sticks are reduced to a 1×10 cm size and mesh-mounted in irregular way.
The 1×10 cm format is available only in the Mix version.