TRAMATO, the new collection of antoniolupi carpets

TRAMATO, the new collection of antoniolupi carpets is born from the collaboration with Gumdesign

TRAMATO offers extraordinary and unexpected suggestions aimed at decorating contemporary spaces. Textures, optical effects and intricate lines fascinate with the their own presentation.


As in the wallpaper collection, TRALERIGHE, also in this collection all the carpet decorations are marked by horizontal, vertical and oblique lines that intersect as if they were alive in continuous motion. The contract between WHITE and BLACK creates light and transmits intensity. The white is not a pure white, but an almost muffled warm white which, combined with black, creates shades of different depths.

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Unlike wallpaper that is an ‘open’ element, the carpet is a defined object, contained within a border of 1 or 5 centimeters that delimits the graphics restricting a defined space.
The pure geometric figures of the rectangle, square and circle come together with unconventional and irregular shapes, in which the design of the decoration is enhanced by the same shape as the carpet.


The TRAMATO carpet collection is made up of 16 references: all the carpets offered are
made with printed velvet by means of the TUFTING technique.