Sled and Fluido, two projects designed by Carlo Colombo

antoniolupi vasca Sled

For Cersaie 2021, antoniolupi presented two new projects born from the collaboration with Carlo Colombo: Sled and Fluido. A freestanding bathtub and an encased sink in the wall.

A bathtub that seems to have be encarved out of water and a sink integrated into the wall.  They are Sled and Fluido, the two new products from antoniolupi designed by Carlo Colombo, presented at Cersaie 2021. Two projects in the name of simplicity and elegance, where the details and the possibilities for customization make the difference. Both the Sled bathtub and the Fluido sink can, in fact, be customized in the finishes and colors, adapting them to any context. For an increasingly tailor made bathroom environment.


Sled, the freestanding bathtub carved ” from water"

Sled is a freestanding bathtub based on alternating full and empty spaces. The starting point is an oval shape, a perfect geometry carved from several parts Two diagonal cuts dissect the depth of the pelvis, while an incision accompanies the perimeter in width. An element, the latter, which is transformed into a functional detail. The lowering of the edge caused by the incision, in fact, not only gives lightness and movement to the tub, but also offers a practical support surf ace for body care products.

The inspiration for Carlo Colombo’s project is water, the great protagonist of the bathroom. Sled’s cuts and engravings seem, in fact, created precisely by the action of water.  As if a slow but constant process had shaped the material..


A bathtub that seems suspended in air

It’s not just the cuts and incisions that make the bath tub feel light.  The feeling of lightness of Sled is also accentuated by the base.  Its small size compared to the basin creates, in fact, a suspended effect.  An effect that can be further enhanced with the use of a perimeter LED light that makes the support on the ground invisible.
The result is a sculptural form, imposing but welcoming, which almost seems to float in the air.


Total personalization

The Sled bathtub by antoniolupi is available in Flumood or Colormood, the resin with a velvety touch patented by antoniolupi.
Sled, in the Flumood version, can be painted externally in all the colors of the antoniolupi range In the Colormood version it can be available both internally and externally in the 10 available colors . A varied palette designed to dialogue with all the other elements of the bathroom.
The base of the tub is available with or without LED lighting.

Sled bathtub with LED lightting
Support surface for body care products

Fluido, the encased sink in the wall

antoniolupi‘s research on the fusion of matter and architecture continues with Fluido, the sink integrated into the wall designed by Carlo Colombo.  A new chapter that joins the previous Silenzio, Strappo, Soffio and Calice sinks.


The goal is the same: to maintain only the functionality and the sculptural sign of the sink , leaving the leading role of the bathroom to water. The result is a sink that seems to want to come out of the wall, but at the same time give it life and shape.

A sink with a double soul which, thanks to its soft shape and the light in the lower part, also manages to create magic and give emotion.
Made in Flumood, the Fluido sink after installation can be painted in the same color as the wall, camouflaging itself completely. A dress that can be easily changed and updated with different finishes. For a total bathroom personalization.