Reworked, M+ new project to transform mosaic into design

M+, Freckles_ designed by Studio Irvine
M+ Mosaics historical collections are reinterpreted with a contemporary look. Studio Irvine and Massimo Nadalini signed the first projects.
To reinterpret the mosaic in a new and contemporary key has always been the goal of M+, a company specialized in designing and producing innovative materials for floors and wall coverings. This goal has led M+ to explore new materials, shapes and dimensions, collaborating over the years with important names in the world of design. This path of research and experimentation is enriched by another piece: Reworked, M+ project dedicated to the reinterpretation of M+ Mosaics lines – the division that collects all the original history of the brand, linked to the mosaic. Annually M+ entrusts the traditional materials to different designers for a REWORK activity, in which each designer is called to reinterpret them and to use them to create new graphic compositions. The first three lines are characterized by unusual patterns and colors: CONFETTI, A-MAZE e FRECKLES.

CONFETTI_designed by Massimo Nadalini

“La ricchezza della gamma colori e la matericità del mosaico mi hanno spinto a giocare. Sono partito da basi cromatiche naturali e ho immaginato di inserire segmenti di colore”. Così Massimo Nadalini, designer e art director di M+, racconta la linea CONFETTI. “The richness of the range of colors and the materiality of the mosaic pushed me to play. I started from natural chromatic bases and imagined to insert color segments”. This is how Massimo Nadalini, designer and art director of M+, presents his line CONFETTI. CONFETTI consists of 4 sheets, enriched with segments of different shapes and colors. The random laying of the same sheets forms a seemingly random pattern that is, in fact, the result of an organized chaos.
M+ CONFETTI designed by Massimo Nadalini

A-MAZE_designed by Studio Irvine

A-MAZE designed by Studio Irvine starts from a research on ancient Roman decorations. A composition of chips rich in history that allows a regular or random pose depending on the desired effect, thus creating real visual mazes.
M+ reworked

FRECKLES_designed by Studio Irvine

The seemingly random and irregular composition of chips finds its full expression in FRECKLES, the other collection from Studio Irvine. At the heart of the project there are the small colored fragments set on a monochrome base. This detail emphasizes the modularity of the mosaic and defines the very character of FRECKLES. A slight rotation of these fragments is sufficient to give the composition a random effect.
M+ reworked