Poggesi: outdoor design that defies the season

King by Poggesi is the top of the range among the side pole umbrella. The result of careful technological and design research for the outdoor, extremely functional and easy to use.

ombrellone da giardino

Autumn is the most fascinating season, finely nuanced both in terms of temperatures and colours. During these weeks of transition from summer heat to winter cold, we can still enjoy living the outdoors: terraces, gardens, and squares. But to do so, it is essential to choose the right products for your outdoor. Therefore, aesthetically beautiful as well as functional solution, to have lunch an plein air or get an aperitif under the shade of a design oriented umbrella.

King by Poggesi is the top of the range among the side pole umbrellas. The result of careful technological and design research, extremely functional and easy to use.


The King side pole umbrella can cover up to 20sqm of space. And it is versatile, multidirectional, and easy to open and close. Plus, this opening and closing action is protected by a locking system that maintains any desired position and allows use the parasol in complete safety.

In addition, to increase the comfort of use, King offers the possibility of adjusting the height of the arm and the inclination of the canopy. The result is an extremely functional, comfortable, and easily customizable shadow experience at any time. In fact, it is equipped with 2 winches that allows to open and close the umbrella. And to raise and lower the arm in the same movement, to be able to adapt it to any space and context.

Furthermore, the sliding guide allows to adjust the inclination of the cloth and to be able to rotate it 360°, to guarantee the customer his own personal management of the shaded area at any time of the day. And deal with the greatest possible comfort from sunrise to sunset.

ombrellone da giardino

Finally, the possibility to choose between different sizes and four types of iron bases, two of which with concrete weights, to support and anchor the umbrella in total safety. Here an elegant aluminium base cover can be added, in the very same tone as the structure. Different colours are available for the cloth, internally sewn by hand with cotton thread to ensure maximum waterproofing. While the stainless steel and aluminium structure can be fully customized in a wide range of finishes, thanks to the use of polyester-based thermosetting powders for the coating.

ombrello da giardino


Equipped with a telescopic opening and closing system, King allows the user to keep the underlying furniture in place when the umbrella is opening and closing. This guarantees maximum ease of use, functionality, and comfort, without requiring heavy clearing operations.

The special Poggesi patented cantilevered support arm, on the other hand, located inside the roof, offers an extraordinary combination of handling and aesthetics, to overcome the space and bulk requirements that a central pole model cannot guarantee. King, as suggested by the name, is the undisputed star of outdoor furniture. Beautiful and elegant, it transforms every outdoor in a unique and extremely comfortable space.