Peach Fuzz, Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, is a hymn to serenity

pantone 2024

Calm and comforting, with a hint of sensuality: Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, focuses on a peach shade to convey an immediate sense of tranquillity to any room and give the atmosphere a chic and cozy conviviality. All it takes is one single detail and the bathroom transforms into a small deluxe spa, the relaxation corner acquires the flavour of a refined nest, and the rooms fill with positive energy.

antoniolupi Breeze  Pantone 2024
BREEZE by antoniolupi Sculpted volumes almost evanescent in a touch of light. Breeze is the freestanding washbasin by antoniolupi that ideally blends with the water, reflecting colours and nuances in the Cristalmood body characterized by a very thin edge. The result is an interplay of translucent geometries that in the peach shade further enhances its sculptural and poetic appearance. Available in all the colours of the Cristalmood range, Breeze can be completed by integrated lighting placed at the base.
R-EVOLUTION by Casalgrande Padana Urban chic mood for R-Evolution by Casalgrande Padana which reinterprets the classic concrete colours with a creative and unexpected palette of porcelain stoneware slabs, with a spectacular “peach skin” effect. For any environment, from residential to commercial ones, up to facade cladding.
R-Evolution di Casalgrande Padana Pantone 2024
Poltrona Mia di Borzalino Pantone 2024
MIA by Borzalino Borzalino declines the stylistic vocabulary of the classic bergère with fine materials and finishes and dresses the Mia armchair, designed by Carlo Bimbi, in the delicate peach shade. For a sophisticated relaxation corner.
APOLLO by antoniolupi Brian Sironi combines light and water in the original wall or ceiling mounted shower head Apollo, designed for antoniolupi. Available in all the matt finish colours of the antoniolupi catalogue, Apollo focuses on the graphic effect, transforming itself into an unexpected furnishing element.
apollo di antoniolupi Pantone 2024
Pietre di Sardegna di Casalgrande Padana  Pantone 2024
PIETRE di SARDEGNA, Stintino by Casalgrande Padana The charm of stone combined with the flirtatious sensuality of peach tones gives the house an enveloping mood, with a vaguely retro flavour. Stintino porcelain stoneware tiles are part of the Pietre di Sardegna collection by Casalgrande Padana and are inspired by the natural beauty of the Italian island. Perfect for dressing any type of floor or wall with refined brightness, including worktops, they are available in many sizes (30×30, 30×60, 60×60, 45×90, 60×120, 90×90 cm), with a thickness of 9 mm.
ESME by Borzalino Esme is an upholstered leather armchair with armrests. Designed by Carlo Bimbi for Borzalino, Esme is characterised by refined details and offers a unique comfort given by its soft and ergonomic line, enriched by fine materials and finishes. The metal structure is made more comfortable thanks to the cushion padding. The embroidery in the centre of the backrest is the defining detail of the entire seat.
Esme di Borzalino Pantone 2024