MIST sets out to explore a new way of perceiving mosaic

A passionate search for the laws of visual perception led the Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro to create the collection MIST, which unveils new ways of reading a surface within its spatial dimension, enriched by an innovative sense of depth.

Mist is a modular mosaic, it’s made of float glass rectangular chips in three different sizes, mounted on glass fiber mesh to form a sheet of 310×320 mm. The sheets are engineered to be assembled through a thorough interlocking system of chips that results in a unending pattern. Thanks to the different joint sizes, two orders of elements – one horizontal and the other vertical – are visually overlapped on two levels; which one the eye perceives will depend on the viewpoint.

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Technical information :
The main feature of the collection is the different horizontal (2mm) and vertical (4mm) grout, obtained  during the installation thanks to the use of spacers of 4mm and 2mm.

Mist is available in six colors: Snow, Frost, Peach, Paprika, Avio and Pepper