Preview Salone del Mobile – LETTERAMUTA, the aluminum shelf that fits, with discretion and elegance, in the bathroom but also in all the other spaces of the house.
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LETTERAMUTA, designed by Gumdesign
The leap in scale and the contamination between different design areas, has always been a fruitful creative stimulus, a generator of values and qualities that transcend and surpass the initial ones associated with the element of specific inspiration.

Design origin

Decontextualizing and transforming, without distorting, allows to generate another which, although different, is not so far from it. Nothing, for example, might seem more inconsistent than finding a quality between the roughness and profound concreteness of a construction site, made of concrete, steel and dust, and the delicate softness and exclusivity of a bathroom designed in the detail to welcome and generate well-being. Proceeding with the evaluation of the particular geometry of the beam, developed mainly in length, it is not difficult to associate the structural element with the same element, this time furniture, which often appears on the walls of our homes: such as the shelf.
The explicit reference is to architecture, or rather to one of the construction elements that symbolize the steel supporting system often used in modern and contemporary buildings. Three-dimensional geometric figure easily recognizable thanks to the “H” section of the extrusion, the beam has always been associated with an element that develops longitudinally and supports the weight of what rests on it. antoniolupi proposes a transposition of function to give life to LETTERAMUTA, the aluminum shelf that fits, with discretion and elegance, in the bathroom but also in all the other spaces of the house.

Shelf with accessories

The beam and the shelf share not only the geometry, but also the possibility of being implemented and equipped to perform different tasks, complementary to the main function. LETTERAMUTA, the new “made-to-measure” linear system designed by antoniolupi to house bathroom accessories, develops the geometry of a HEA steel beam and, through suitable holes and slots, transforms it into a versatile modular shelf, whose current and future applications are configured as an intrinsic work in progress. The idea of the unfinished project, in continuous evolution, has always been a company trait. What would commonly be understood as a product is instead, for antoniolupi, only a stage in a broader and more transversal research and development path, capable of welcoming different suggestions and stimuli over time and transforming them into quality and performance. LETTERAMUTA inserts a further piece into this idea of an evolutionary concept starting from the archetypal form associated with modern building and translating it into interior design. The multiplicative and versatile value of the structural element remains, leaving room for the suggestion of addition, detail, surprising and innovative interpretation.

Versatile element

In any environment it is installed, the shelf can be equipped with integrated LED light, placed both in the lower part to directly illuminate the underlying surfaces, and in the upper part for a more diffused and distributed light upwards. A versatility that makes it perfect for an elegant and contemporary living room, but also for the bedroom or kitchen. Despite its essentiality, LETTERAMUTA offers infinite possibilities for customization and use, associating undisputed functionality with an aesthetic dimension of great effect.


The essential and clean image hides an unexpected multifunctionality and a wide range of customization options, both in modular and custom-made dimensions, as well as in the aesthetic aspect. LETTERAMUTA is supplied as standard in Matt White but can be painted in all the colors of the antoniolupi range to better integrate into the color palette of the project. Within the bathroom space, it performs its function of supporting the sink area or adjacent to the bathtub at its best because it allows you to place all the products for face or body care and, if necessary, to integrate a convenient towel holder. If used inside the shower area, a central groove is created in the shelf to allow for a regular flow of water.





LETTERAMUTA antoniolupi
Letteramuta, designed by  Gumdesign In the image: Letteramuta and the Tralerighe Wallpaper