Leather sofas: a choice between appearance and functionality

Leather sofas last a lifetime and do not follow the current fashion.

Here are the proposals by Borzalino.

Greg, designed by Carlo Bimbi

They last a lifetime. They ensure maximum comfort and an elegant look. We are talking about the leather sofas, a timeless furniture which does not follow fashion. They are perfect both for classic houses and for modern interiors; leather sofas can adapt to any style and location. From traditional capitonné models to cleaner and more minimal lines, from natural colours to the brightest shades, there are endless choices.

Ben, designed by Carlo Bimbi


What makes leather sofas be unique

Whether it is a majestic Chesterfield or a modern sofa, a leather sofa will be a guarantee of exclusivity, always and no matter what. They are manufactured with sartorial care and a specific attention to details; in fact, they are almost always synonymous of artisanship.

Ben, designed by Carlo Bimbi

Moreover, leather sofas have an extraordinary tactile performance and a timeless charm. Leather is, in fact, a material which is soft to the touch and gives a unique warmth to any location. And, as we said, it lasts a lifetime. Because it is a living material which changes over the time, but with ageing it becomes more and more beautiful and acquires a unique charm. Provided that it is handled in the right way.

How to keep leather sofas in good conditions


In any case, if you want to keep a leather sofa in good conditions, it is necessary to handle it with care. For example, you should place it far from sources of light and of heat to prevent leather from hardening. You should clean it exclusively with natural and non-aggressive detergents or with specific products suggested by the manufacturing companies.

Having said that, it goes without saying that not all leather sofas ensure the same quality. The type of leather, finishing and tanning make the difference. This is the reason why when you buy it, it is essential to rely on companies making use of first choice materials.

Leather sofas by Borzalino

Leather sofas by Borzalino are exclusive products Made in Italy, manufactured with the best materials and with the utmost handcrafted care. Sartorial sofas designed with a specific attention to details.

Borzalino suggests eight leather upholstering: Tuscania, Ghost, Nabuk, Rustico, Sequoia, Prescott, Seta and Epic. They are all manufactured with bovine leather in the versions shoulder and back, half grain or leather grain with natural grain.
There are various finishing: from aniline for not protected leathers (the most refined ones) to pigments for protected leathers, up to the finishing with vegetal oil for leather sofas with vegetable tannage. Colours range from different shades of brown to grey and black, including bright tones such as yellow and orange.

Let us see leather sofas and armchairs by Borzalino in details.


BEN, the sofa by Borzalino which focuses completely on flexibility

Clean and simple lines, extreme versatility. These are the keywords for Ben, a line of fixed and modular sofas which interpreters the flexibility requirements of the modern living.
The natural leather upholstery emphasizes the flaws of the grain making the sofa be even more natural and unique. The variety of configurations allow to create bicolour compositions, using leather of different colours.
Ben can furniture both houses and wide contract and hospitality spaces.

NEW KAP, the sofa by Borzalino which combines what is classic with what is contemporary.

divani in pelle


A perfect fusion between tradition and modernity. The essence of New Kap is the blend between the clean lines of the sofa and the capitonné manufacturing of the back, handmade with the entire leather.
A sofa which combines design and a classic and timeless style. It is perfect both for sophisticated interiors and to enrich modern locations.
New Kap collection includes an armchair, too.

SEAN, the armchair by Borzalino inspired by the Scandinavian design

Forme ispirate al design scandinavo degli anni ‘50, lavorazione

Forms inspired by the Scandinavian design of the 50s, strictly Made in Italy production. This is the way we can summarize the armchair Sean. It is fully upholstered with vegetable leather by combining two different colours of the same article. The seat and the back in one colour, the body – with raw cut finishing in another.
Sean collection is also suitable for commercial spaces or hotels.

Greg, the sofa by Borzalino with soft and comfortable lines

Greg is the sofa characterized by soft forms and a great flexibility. It is possible to upholster it with a wide variety of leathers, the variety of essences for the wooden basis is also wide.
The vegetable tanned leather gives Greg a worn and natural appearance.
Greg is designed both for houses and for large spaces for contract and hospitality.

EVE, the armchair by Borzalino with a unique comfort

Ergonomic, comfortable, and versatile. Eve has a shape with fully follows and supports your body. It is possible to manufacture this armchair with the different leathers and fabrics from the catalogue or it is possible to upholster it by combining the two materials.  The basis is available in wood or iron with several finishing.
The armchair Eve is available in two versions: Eve Plus, essential, and modern, and Eve Capitonné, the classic version produced with the capitonné manufactured.