Incredible lightness for the freestanding marble sink 024


O24 is the freestanding marble sink made from 24 segments of marble glued together by resin in a contrasting color. 024 is designed considering aspects related to environmental sustainability and using recycled materials. This sink, together with Gessati and Rigati, is part of the Tra_Le_Righe collection by Gumdesign for antoniolupi.

The 024 sink is made from 24 wedges of marble glued together by epoxy resin in a contrasting color. The marble strips are cut into a trapezoidal shape and then glued together. Of the two Gessati and Rigati sinks previously presented by antoniolupi, 024 has in common the process with which the marble strips are glued together with contrasting color resins (vertically in Gessati, horizontally in Rigati and radially in 024) subsequently excavated and worked to obtain the desired shape. The basin is in white Carrara marble while the pedestal is in black Marquinia marble. For the torso the wedges are much smaller which makes the sink light, weighing only 50 kg. Sustainability as a distinctive value of this sink is less evident if the look is limited to the aesthetic aspect but is a determining factor in its intrinsic realization.

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The aesthetics of 024 are elegant and sober,

like a pinstripe suit marked by black and white,

which are the colors that unite the

entire Tra_Le_Righe collection.

Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi - Gumdesign

024 is a sink with a path marked by the rhythm of ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship” says Gumdesign – designer of the sink – “As the hands of the clock mark the time, here each line marks the definition of an idea that becomes reality, in all its strength and complexity.

the result is an object of architectural simplicity and beauty, which, leaving behind the executive and conceptual complexity that has shaped it, becomes a timeless and eternal object“.