GRAND PRIX Casalgrande Padana 2022-2024

Open registration for the XIII edition of the competition
Entries are now open for the prestigious Grand Prix, Casalgrande Padana‘s competition celebrating architectural works that effectively utilize and showcase the Emilian brand’s ceramic materials. This 13th edition of the triennial event attracts candidates from all five continents, demonstrating how ceramics serve not merely as a functional element but as a central protagonist in architectural design. Submit your entries by the deadline of 31 December 2024.
Centro sportivo di Via Cooperazione a Rozzano (MI)- SBG Architetti
Centro sportivo di Via Cooperazione a Rozzano (MI)
The Grand Prix was established to identify and recognize architectural works that highlight the technical properties and expressive potential of Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware products. This cultural initiative reflects Casalgrande Padana’s commitment to staying attuned to the evolving international architectural landscape. By supporting this competition, the company elevates ceramics from a functional element to the undisputed star of the architectural show.Il 31 Dicembre 2024, scade il termine per la presentazione delle opere che saranno poi valutate da una giuria internazionale composta da professori universitari e professionisti nel campo dell’architettura, del design, del giornalismo, e dal presidente di Casalgrande Padana, Franco Manfredini.
Lanfranchi _Experimenta
Lanfranchi _Experimenta

The ceramic products Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana’s latest generation ceramic products, characterized by high physical-chemical performance and remarkable aesthetic qualities, offer the designer a wide range of application and compositional options. This variety of colors, surfaces, sizes and decorations allows you to adopt innovative and customized solutions. The wide choice available has led to a greater diversification of the areas of intervention, shifting attention from the large commercial and directional areas, typical of the first editions of the Grand Prix, to sectors such as public construction and services, industrial, special applications, facade cladding, exterior flooring, residential construction and swimming pools.

Arbre Blank
Sou Fujimoto Atelier
Montpellier (F)
Arbre Blank Sou Fujimoto Atelier Montpellier (F)

The evaluation criteria and awards

It is a significant cultural event, supported by an international panel made up of industry experts, designers, university professors and architecture critics from a range of countries who act independently to rate the projects submitted. Thanks to all this, the Grand Prix has developed over time, transcending the boundaries of a simple competition and now represents an opportunity for debate and dialogue on the issues affecting architecture, design and technological innovation. The results of each Grand Prix are collated into the Creative Book, a volume which sees 60,000 copies printed and circulated in collaboration with the international architecture magazine, Casabella. The Creative Book aims to stimulate a new wave of innovation and experimentation and document the evolution of ceramics and the way it is used in architecture over time. Casalgrande Padana’s development strategy rests on establishing a culture of production and a culture of planning. Indeed, since its foundation, the company has built up and consolidated a close collaborative relationship with the world of architectural planning and interior design.

How to participate

The competition is open to all designers (architects, engineers, designers, interior designers, private and public technical studios, professional architectural studios and interior decoration) that have realized works in which the porcelain stoneware slabs of Casalgrande Padana have been used for floors and/or coverings of any type. Applications may be submitted by individual professionals or groups with the appointment of a group leader. To participate in the next edition simply connect to the site, take a look at the call and fill in the application form.