Fida, the bathtub is inspired by nature

designed by Marco Di Paolo

antoniolupi FIDA

The Fida bathtub is inspired by nature. Fida is a real sculpture carved from a monolith of brushed Vicenza Gray Alpi Stone. The material with a typical light  gray color, characterized by the presence of macrofossils, gives the Fida bathtub a modern encounter between material and functionality.

antoniolupi FIDA

The external line takes its cue from the organic forms of the woods of the rivers, which give the work a feeling of fluidity. The edges are rounded and the lines smooth. The inside of the bathtub is an ergonomic and carefully designed environment to convey safety and comfort.

The external line takes its cue from the organic forms of the woods

Vasca Fida di antoniolupi

Fida, designed by Marco di paolo for antoniolupi,  fits harmoniously into environments, giving them their own atmosphere. Organic but symmetrical, contained but provocative, it responds to different needs.

We use natural stone in a conscious and moderate way, – says Marco di Paolo -“because natural stones are available only on a limited extent. The influence of many natural forces formed them through the time and each stone is unique and inimitable,  thing that stimulates our creativity

antoniolupi has worked with natural stones for many years” – says Andrea Lupi, CEO of the family company – “the particular shape of the tub allows to place the taps at the center, working on the thicknesses at the same time. Thin in the narrower part and wider in the broader part. Plus for a more natural result, we decided to use a sandblasting finish that gives the whole work a more material effect“.

Technical information

Oval stone bathtub complete with drain pipe fitting and pressure plug, siphon
and flexible hose.

Dimensions: cm 170 x 80 x 55

Natural stone  given the natural characteristics of the stone, each piece can present veins, tonality differences, mineral intrusion or stucco-work.
The products are hand carved from single stone blocks each presenting a diverse aspect caused by a variety of veins and colors. Such characteristics confirm our use of natural material of which cannot give rise to disputes.