Decorating with designer mirrors

Versatile, functional and beautiful. Design mirrors are an essential piece of furniture in any interior. Here are some proposals with which to embellish our house.

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They amplify spaces. They make environments brighter. They can completely change the atmosphere of a roomMirrors are a piece of furniture that meets different needs. For this reason many designers have confronted this object, giving us over the years endless interpretations. Round, rectangular, with irregular lines. Floor, table or wall. Essential or decorative. The variety of shapes, sizes and styles of mirrors is such as to allow us to embellish any environment.

The bathroom need mirrors to make up, comb and for other daily activities, design mirrors can, in fact, find place in every room of the house. In the living room they are ideal for decorating a wall or to emphasize a piece of furniture. In the bedroom they can be used as a headboard. In the corridors and entrances they are essential to bring light and create depth, as well as to take a last look at our outfit before going out.

specchi di design

As many functions as the possibilities of composition. To give personality to an environment, you can point, in fact, on a single mirror with important dimensions or combine different design mirrors, maybe to be mixed with pictures and photos. Only warning: look for a fil rouge in the composition to avoid an effect too chaotic.

specchi di design

Here is a selection of designer mirrors. To furnish the house with style and at the same time please our vanity.



Collage mirrors collection is designed by Luca Galofaro for antoniolupi. The mirror exceeds its primary function and turns into a work of art.
Collage is made through a stratification of printed glass sheets that, overlapping, create a three-dimensional effect. Images of architecture and anthropomorphic figures are transferred to the mirror. The result are precious collages perfect for decorating not only the bathroom, but any room of the house.

specchi di design


SPECCHIDICARTA is the collection of antoniolupi wall mirrors that seamlessly fits in with the concept “TRA LE RIGHE” by Gumdesign,

The mirrors have the original image of a folded piece of paper, an origami marked by the contrast between the reflective mirror and the black lacquered crease. The fold defines absence and at the same time movement. Thus, the mirror becomes an integral part of the wall which tears off creating a black space, apparently empty, as if we could see beyond. A piece which is borderline between reality and imagination “Your own image becomes confined between what is perceived as real and what is within.” – comments by the designers
Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi of Gumdesign – “An imaginary fold that generates reflection”.

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The collection includes 3 different shapes.



Beautiful and essential, Distinto is a wall mirror defined by extreme lines, it is a
rectangular shaped object that integrates perfectly on the wall covered with
Tralerighe wallpaper.
The Distinto bathroom mirror is an edgeless piece with a ribbed decorative motif on one of the two short sides. Intriguing play of contrasts created on the wall between Distinto, the wallpaper and the play of light. The mirror comes with a LED l ighting system that partners up with the contrasts between smooth and ribbed mirror.

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Superluna is the decorative bathroom mirror with a pure round shape and geometric expression. This wall mirror consists of two elements, one that performs as the mirror and the other the ornamental decorative side with a sober and elegant silver ribbed motif.

Superluna is equipped with perimeter led lighting, which creates effects of architectural depth on the supporting wall.

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A known image, a leap in scale, a change of meaning. USB is the collection of mirrors that refers to the geometry and shape of the data collection keys and accompanies the solutions of the antoniolupi washbasin area with elegance and expressiveness. Simple in its form but at the same time iconic and capable of triggering virtuous relationships with furniture and compositions, thanks to the careful use of light, it enhances the space and the wall beyond and best describes the colors and textures of surfaces, volumes and floors.


Available in oval, arched or rounded corners, in different heights, the series features indirect backlighting which gives charm and amplifies the formal lightness of the mirror surface. An ethereal presence, when the geometry of the mirror is illuminated, conveys a feeling of suspension, a versatility of proposals that also includes versions with a sandblasted motif that allows light to filter and become direct.

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The wall mirror  Eclipse,  designed by Andrea Andreatta for Borzalino, is inspected at a lunar eclipse. Series of treated metal mirrors with several finishes, having also a coverable part with each article of leather or fabric in the collection.
Mirror: Clear, Bronze and Fumé. Detail: leather or fabric. Frame: treated brass with several finishes

design mirrors

Eclipse mirror is customizable, thanks to the wide choice of leather and fabric upholstery by Borzalino.

design mirrors


The lunar inspiration returns in Half Moon, another wall mirror by Borzalino signed by Andrea Andreatta. Also in this case the collection is proposed in brass treated with various finishes, with a part covered in leather or fabric.

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Eclipse and Half Moon are available in different sizes. They can be used to decorate the wall alone or in combination with other “moons”, playing with the size and colors of the coated part.

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Bevelled edge and leather band with embroidery. These are the elements that characterize the mirrors Anita, Agata, Adele and Frida by Borzalino. A series of four wall mirrors with rounded shapes, designed by Andrea Andreatta with Studio Oxi. 

The leather band is a decorative and functional element at the same time. Not only does it allow you to hang the mirror on the wall, it also gives it a decidedly elegant touch.

specchi di design
specchi di design