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Olmar 1957
Padova – Italy
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Olmar1957 progetta e produce sistemi per il riscaldamento elettrico a RAGGI INFRAROSSI LONTANI (FIR) con sanificazione e pulizia dell’aria tramite ionizzazione e ozonizzazione. Tutti i sistemi protetti da brevetti ad alto livello innovativo, non necessitano di installazione, di canna fumaria o
opere murarie.
Camini, caloriferi, scaldasalviette e sistemi per la sauna sono i complementi elettrici d’arredo Olmar1957 con la funzione di sterilizzazione dell’aria tramite emissione di ozono per potenziare la funzione di PURIFICAZIONE e SANIFICAZIONE degli ambienti. Il sistema permette di eliminare cattivi odori, germi, batteri e abbattere i virus.
I raggi FIR, invisibili all’occhio umano, viaggiando alla velocità della luce riscaldano tutti i corpi solidi presenti nell’ambiente, comprese le persone senza muovere l’aria. Questo è un aspetto molto importante perché permette di creare benessere termico e preservare le condizioni di sanificazione per un arco temporale molto maggiore a dispetto degli strumenti convenzionali.



Warm and bright, yellow is an increasingly used color in interior design

Olmar has a permanent location in Milan.

The Fuorisalone is over, Olmar products remain permanently on display at Insula delle Rose Milano

Furnishing in blue

Furnishing in blue Elegant and versatile, blue is a timeless colour which can adapt to the most diverse locations and styles. “The deeper the blue, the more strongly it calls man towards infinity, it excites him to longing for purity and finally for the super-sensible.”. Wassily Kandinsky described blue with these words. An elegant and versatile colour with a special power: it is never outdated. Right, it may be because of the sense of calm it inspires or because it evokes the endless horizons of sky, but the fact remains that blue is a timeless colour which reconciles almost everybody.  It is perfect in combination with a lot of colours and materials, and it is available in several shades; in fact, blue can clothe locations with the most diverse styles. Below some proposals to paint your house in blue. Borghi, antoniolupi It is impressive but light, basic but welcoming. Borghi finds its strength in contrasts: it is the freestanding bath tube designed Gumdesign for antoniolupi. The core of the project is its narrower basis. It is a detail which lightens the bountiful volumes of this bathtub, creating the feeling it is levitating in the space. Borghi is made of Cristalmood,…


Native is the built-in electrical fireplace by OLMAR which takes home the magic of the hearth, with no need for a chimney.

Auretta by Olmar 1957, the radiant panel between vintage and modern

DESIGN | OLMAR   |  15 NOVEMBER  2021 Auretta by Olmar, the radiant panel between vintage and modern Multifunctional, performing and nice to see. Here is Auretta, the radiant panel by Olmar 1957 that heats and sanitizes at the same time. Olmar 1957 presents Auretta, the perfect synthesis between vintage and modern. Auretta is a freestanding radiant panel that seems the shape of a fireplace. A device able to heat and sanitize at the same time, combining performance and beauty. AURETTA 50’s MIDI Three functions in one device Auretta by Olmar 1957 is the system that offers three integrated functions: purification, heating and sanitation. A multifunctionality that considerably improves the livability of the rooms. Auretta warms up by transmitting biogenic rays to solid bodies, which slowly release heat, spreading a comfortable and homogeneous temperature. It sanitizes the environment, as it is equipped with a natural silver ionization system that performs an antibacterial and antifungal action while heating, reducing dust, odors and bacteria. It purifies, because the released energy is not only absolutely eco-sustainable but is also an ozone generator, thus sterilizing the air and eliminating spores, viruses, germs and bacteria without chemical agents. Furthermore, Auretta Auretta is perfect for indoor environments…


OLMAR presents the new heating and sanitizing systems designed by Giulio Cappellini

Giulio Cappellini, new Art Director for OLMAR

OLMAR entrusts the art direction to Giulio Cappellini, designer and ambassador of the Italian design in the world