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M+ means experience with materials: experience as a tool for exploring the world of creativity and design; material as the point of departure and arrival for exalting the structural element (glass, metal, stone, wood), that is the very basis of a new way of thinking about mosaics.

M+ gathers together and capitalizes on the emotions and inspirations transmitted by the senses by means of a range of extraordinary mosaics in which form, colour and material dialogue with one another to suggest a new projectual vision rich in aesthetic and formal innovation: different from all the others.


Knowing mosaic tile means acquiring knowledge about the compositional formulas of the past and present, becoming familiar with the natural and artificial materials, journeying through the artistic contexts of the history of mosaic tiles in order to be able to introduce with maximum creativity, as well as ingenuity and consummate projectual culture, the maximum expression of mosaic tile into the architectural realm.


M+ new collections

M+ presents new collections. Special marks: larger sizes and maximum customization

Reworked, M+ new project to transform mosaic into design

Reworked, M+ new project to transform mosaic into design

Furnishing in blue

Furnishing in blue Elegant and versatile, blue is a timeless colour which can adapt to the most diverse locations and styles. “The deeper the blue, the more strongly it calls man towards infinity, it excites him to longing for purity and finally for the super-sensible.”. Wassily Kandinsky described blue with these words. An elegant and versatile colour with a special power: it is never outdated. Right, it may be because of the sense of calm it inspires or because it evokes the endless horizons of sky, but the fact remains that blue is a timeless colour which reconciles almost everybody.  It is perfect in combination with a lot of colours and materials, and it is available in several shades; in fact, blue can clothe locations with the most diverse styles. Below some proposals to paint your house in blue. Borghi, antoniolupi It is impressive but light, basic but welcoming. Borghi finds its strength in contrasts: it is the freestanding bath tube designed Gumdesign for antoniolupi. The core of the project is its narrower basis. It is a detail which lightens the bountiful volumes of this bathtub, creating the feeling it is levitating in the space. Borghi is made of Cristalmood,…

When the house turns green

Inspired by the relaxing shades of nature, green is one of the 2022 trendy colours. Here some furnishing proposals to bring the green brightness to the house.

Mosaico+ becomes M+

Today the Mosaico+ is renewed changing its name in M+ (emmepiù): a single letter that tells many stories.

LOOM the Mosaico+ collection inspired by an embroidery

Mosaico+ presents Loom, the new project designed by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine and inspired by her trousseau’s embroideries

Cut-up, the new covering by Mosaico+ resulting from a “cut”

Mosaico+ shows Cut-up, a collection of modules made of Gres porcelain stoneware inspired by the homonymous literary technique born during Dadaism.

P-saico turns two-tone

Mosaico+ embellishes the P-saico collection with P-saico mélange. Four two-tone palettes for surfaces for the best customization.

ADI DESIGN INDEX 2020 selected two Mosaico+ products

The winners are MIST designed by Kensaku Oshito and P-SAICO designed by Studio Irvine.

M+ATES, the Mosaico+ program dedicated to the world of design and project

Mosaico+ launches M+ATES, a free affiliation program that offers architects, interior designers and contractors many dedicated benefits and projects.

Inspired by patchwork, Quilt is the mosaic that transforms the grout into a “stiching”.

Quilt is the porcelain stoneware mosaic project that stands out for its multiple application possibilities

2021 trendy colors for interior design

From the earth tones to blue sea, from Pantone yellow and gray to the endless shades of green, these are the trendy colors in 2021 for our houses.

What is Small? the answer is Mosaico+

To reinterpret the mosaic in a pattern key


Patchwork belongs to an age-old hand-crafted tradition, in which the combined pieces always create a unique geometrical pattern

Mosaico+ presents MIST designed by Kensaku Oshiro

MIST sets out to explore a new way of perceiving mosaic A passionate search for the laws of visual perception led the Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro to create the collection MIST, which unveils new ways of reading a surface within its spatial dimension, enriched by an innovative sense of depth. Mist is a modular mosaic, it’s made of float glass rectangular chips in three different sizes, mounted on glass fiber mesh to form a sheet of 310×320 mm. The sheets are engineered to be assembled through a thorough interlocking system of chips that results in a unending pattern. Thanks to the different joint sizes, two orders of elements – one horizontal and the other vertical – are visually overlapped on two levels; which one the eye perceives will depend on the viewpoint. DOWNLOAD PRESS-KIT Technical information : The main feature of the collection is the different horizontal (2mm) and vertical (4mm) grout, obtained  during the installation thanks to the use of spacers of 4mm and 2mm. Mist is available in six colors: Snow, Frost, Peach, Paprika, Avio and Pepper