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The antoniolupi story begins in 1950 in Fucecchio, a town in the province of Florence, with a small workshop specialized in processing glass for furnishings that only 10 years later, thanks to the foresight of the founder Antonio Lupi, becomes an industrial reality. From the beginning, the company Cristal Lupi Luxor, dedicates their work to bathroom accessories, distinguished for craftmanship, attention to detail, a tailored production and precision in order processing.

In the second half of the 80s, the second generation begin working in the company, and a great leap towards design takes place with innovative collections and iconic objects that far anticipate the trend of the bathroom which becomes a place no longer private and to keep behind closed doors, but to show.

A further fundamental change occurs in the early 2000s when the company begins collaborating with designers and architects. Since 2010, the antoniolupi production begins to embrace the entire living space of the bathroom as well as other rooms of the house with their collections of carpets and furnishing accessories and with that of fireplaces, designed specifically for the bathroom to expand its spaces and become the most important room of the house. The products, increasingly in demand, lead to the opening of single-brand showrooms in the world, starting with that of Milan.


Today antoniolupi is the symbol of a precise style, elegant in its  minimalism, essential in its technological perfection. An identity of colors, textures and finishes, full of iconic and functional objects, many of which are absorbed by the walls or ceiling to allow for more space and, once again, the maximum personalization of the place. Formal rigor and contemporary image: a snapshot of a company 100% made in Italy that produces to order and has no warehouse stock.

More than Seventy years of great passion, a lot of work and well-deserved success.



MXTP is the innovative Custom DJ Desk capable of combining music and design. A universal solution for residential or professional use.


Geometric rigour and versatile dimensions for the new Nabatei washbasin line by antoniolupi


LMCombi, in addition to being a storage shelf, can contain towels and toilet paper.


antoniolupi presents the new Cartesio modular element system with countertop sink

antoniolupi recently expanded its production and warehouse facilities at its headquarters

antoniolupi recently expanded its production and warehouse facilities at its headquarters


The new modular system called Cartesio consists of seat and back elements that can be combined in various positions and sizes to create custom compositions in the bathroom space.

Lavabo FILORIGO | designed by Paolo Ulian

Filorigo is the sink designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi, defined by subtle vertical millings vertical milling that makes the surface three-dimensional

Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, focuses on a peach shade to convey an immediate sense of tranquillity to any room

At Christmas, give a touch of style

Christmas gift ideas signed by antoniolupi, Borzalino, Casalgrande Padana and Enuit21 for house and design lovers


The material evolution of the sink designed by AL Studio


Foce shower drain siphon, designed by Nevio Tellatin, is covered by a painted plate that can be inspected on the wall


The Rigatino washbasin is a symbol of a contemporary luxury that translates into the quality of the material and the perfection of the shapes


Textural and three-dimensional, surfaces today are designed to
warm the senses. For interiors to be experienced and touched

MYSTREET, collection of monobloc sinks

New monobloc marble sinks in various widths and heights to furnish all spaces with elegance and functionality, even very small ones.

The Living Area according to antoniolupi

The antoniolupi’s catalog is enriched with three sofas. For a home under the banner of an elegant and refined total look.


Warm and bright, yellow is an increasingly used color in interior design


The new furniture collection for every room in the house

STREET, the new marble washbasin by antoniolupi designed by AL Studio.

Essential, versatile, materic. Street is a modular system with integrated marble top presented at the last Salone del Mobile.

antoniolupi Flow “non è un normale lavabo”

Flow è un lavabo plasmato dalla forza e dalla fluidità dell’acqua di cui ne assume naturalmente la forma

antoniolupi @ISH Francoforte

antoniolupi’s project expands with new refined total look elements and a small dimensions Cuba bathtub


antoniolupi reinterprets five Flumood sinks from its catalogue with marble and stone – PREVIEW SALONE DEL MOBILE 2023

BORDERLINE, a tailored collection characterized by exellence

Borderline is the new collection of bathroom furniture desifned by Carlo Colombo for antoniolupi


The new mirror collection designed by Gumdesign and AL Studio for antoniolupi is inspired by Suprematist art. A series of geometric figures in constant dialogue with each other.

Pantone 2023

Pantone, the world authority on colors, announced its 2023 color of the year: Viva Magenta. A powerful shade that “encourages experimentation”.

antoniolupi colors the bathroom

Colormood is tinged with endless shades for a total look of maximum customization

When the house is dressed in wood

Natural and versatile, wood is the ideal material to make the interiors more comfortable

ANIMA LIQUIDA LIVING, a functional boiserie

Animal Liquida Living: modern and functional boiserie with lighting integrated

New “COLLAGE” elements by Luca Galofaro and antoniolupi show at EDIT Napoli 2022

On the occasion of EDIT_Napoli, the “Collage” collection by antoniolupi is enriched with a new chapter and becomes a tool for interaction and discussion for the artists invited by antoniolupi.

essential in form and articulated in function

A modular system essential in form and articulated in function designed by Carlo Colombo


Versatile, flexible, green. Here is Cactus, the new hanger designed by Brian Sironi for antoniolupi that brings nature into the home.


New marble freestanding sink designed by Fuksas for antoniolupi

Ofuro Bathtub by antoniolupi

From the tradition of the Japanese ritual to the bathtub with a contemporary design


LETTERAMUTA, the aluminum shelf that fits, with discretion and elegance, in the bathroom but also in all the other spaces of the house.

Furnishing in blue

Furnishing in blue Elegant and versatile, blue is a timeless colour which can adapt to the most diverse locations and styles. “The deeper the blue, the more strongly it calls man towards infinity, it excites him to longing for purity and finally for the super-sensible.”. Wassily Kandinsky described blue with these words. An elegant and versatile colour with a special power: it is never outdated. Right, it may be because of the sense of calm it inspires or because it evokes the endless horizons of sky, but the fact remains that blue is a timeless colour which reconciles almost everybody.  It is perfect in combination with a lot of colours and materials, and it is available in several shades; in fact, blue can clothe locations with the most diverse styles. Below some proposals to paint your house in blue. Borghi, antoniolupi It is impressive but light, basic but welcoming. Borghi finds its strength in contrasts: it is the freestanding bath tube designed Gumdesign for antoniolupi. The core of the project is its narrower basis. It is a detail which lightens the bountiful volumes of this bathtub, creating the feeling it is levitating in the space. Borghi is made of Cristalmood,…

PAGINE SCRITTE _ Tables collection by antoniolupi

Pagine Scritte is a collection of tables designed by Gumdesign with essential shapes, rigorous geometries, minimal design

The antoniolupi Borghi bathtub

Characterized by essential lines, thin borders and generous volumes,

When the house turns green

Inspired by the relaxing shades of nature, green is one of the 2022 trendy colours. Here some furnishing proposals to bring the green brightness to the house.

Tramato Console _ containers Tra le Righe

The console and the Tramato bookcase are coordinated with each other and with the other elements of the TRALERIGHE project

Fida, the bathtub is inspired by nature

The Fida bathtub is inspired by nature. Fida is a real sculpture carved from a monolith of brushed Vicenza Gray Alpi Stone.

The new Volumi carpets by antoniolupi

VOLUMI is the new line of carpets designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi. A collection with
irregular shapes that plays with perception.

Furnish in red

Strong and intense, red is the ideal tone for giving character to any environment. Here are some furnishing proposals to introduce it into your home without being excessive.

The new Volumi carpets by antoniolupi

DESIGN|  ANTONIOLUPI  |  NOVEMBER 15,  2021 The new Volumi carpets by antoniolupi VOLUMI is the new line of carpets designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi. A collection with irregular shapes that plays with perception. Irregular shapes, three-dimensional effects and color contrasts. These are the elements that describe Volumi, the new series of carpets born from the collaboration between antoniolupi and Gumdesign. A project designed to play with our perception, revealing something different to us at every glance.   “Volumi is the new collection that extends the range of the Tramato carpets that trace everyday living. Vertical, horizontal, oblique lines intertwine with colored backgrounds and generate unexpected spaces and perspectives, geometries that chase each other in a contrast between white, black and the antoniolupi color palette”, says Gumdesign. Between optical effects and unexpected color accents Born from the evolution of the Tramato carpets always designed by Gumdesign, the Volumi collection takes up the elegant and timeless black & white palette, while introducing an extra touch of color: terracotta red. A warm brushstroke of color that helps to animate the two-dimensional surface of the carpet. A disruptive and unexpected detail that transforms the carpet into a sort of abstract painting. download PRESS KIT…

Decorating with designer mirrors

Design mirrors are an essential piece of furniture in any interior. Here are some proposals for our home.

Sled and Fluido, two new projects born from the collaboration with Carlo Colombo for antoniolupi

antoniolupi presents two new projects born from the collaboration with Carlo Colombo: Sled and Fluido

BORGHI by antoniolupi chosen for ADI DESIGN INDEX 2021

Important recognition for the BORGHI sink designed by Gumdesign by antoniolupi

antoniolupi presents Anima Liquida sink designed by Giorgio Rava

Freestanding sink in natural stone that restores primordial value to water by antoniolupi

antoniolupi at Cersaie 2021

antoniolupi returns to Cersaie after 7 years. Many novelties that will be presented by the company at the show in Bologna


antoniolupi with the sink BORGHI designed by Gumdesign wins EDIDA 2021 for the category Bathroom

The Borghi collection grows and focuses on customization

The Borghi sink designed by Gumdesign is enriched with new materials and colors

Apollo _ light and water showerhead

Apollo is a collection of showerheads that brings light and water together

MRWOLF designed by Brian Sironi

MrWolf is a towel holder that leans against the wall

Cristalmood has four new colors

antoniolupi presents four new colors for Cristalmood _021: Mostato, Barrique, Vespero and Notturno. Four deep colors inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany.


Located in one of the liveliest areas of the city, the area of Madrid’s Golden Mile


A contemporary architecture immersed in the unique panorama of the Etna valley

The antoniolupi showroom in Milan dresses in black and white

With the occasion of the Milan Design City 2021, antoniolpi introduces the latest collections in a completely renovated showroom.

antoniolupi: HALO freestanding accessories and tables

Halo is a family of freestanding accessories and tables that redefines the image of a multifunctional accessories for daily use inside the bathroom

antoniolupi presents Colormood, new and soft colors for the bathroom

Colormood is a new material patented by antoniolupi

antoniolupi paints the entire bathroom with color

The Indigo taps, the Azimut showerheads and the bathroom accessories are enriched with new colors. For a total look in the name of maximum customization.

2021 trendy colors for interior design

From the earth tones to blue sea, from Pantone yellow and gray to the endless shades of green, these are the trendy colors in 2021 for our houses.

BEMADE the new antoniolupi bathroom collection

A marked, decisive, absolute profile is the distinctive feature of the Bemade collection designed by Carlo Colombo

The inevitable charm of a freestanding bathtub

The classic shape of the bathtub is peculiar in all the antoniolupi proposals

Incredible lightness for the freestanding marble sink 024

The repetition of the shape to generate beauty dediness the 024 marble sink

Lavandino, the “origami” sink by antoniolupi

The simplicity of a folded sheet and the purity of stainless steel are the inspiration for Lavandino


Resistant as stone, clear as crystal

antoniolupi – AURA and ASTRO designed by Marco Piva

Freestanding sinks with a strong personality and a sculptural

TRAMATO, the new collection of antoniolupi carpets

TRAMATO offers extraordinary and unexpected suggestions aimed at decorating contemporary spaces

Borghi sink nominated for EDIDA 2021

The Borghi sink collection nominated for EDIDA 2021 – BATHROOM CATEGORY


A concept that goes beyond what is visible giving structure to a completely new project of objects, colors and shapes