Borzalino interprets the Pantone 2021 through its products

The combination of grey and yellow creates a fresh and modern atmosphere, with warm and contemporary brushstrokes.

borzalino poltrona diva giallo grigio
Armchair Diva , designed by Carlo Bimbi

The Pantone Color Institute is an American academy specialized in the classification and cataloguing  of colours, annually providing anticipations on which chromatic trend will influence the world of fashion and design  in the following year. This real tradition began in 2000 and since then each December the institue proclaims the annual color trend.

Even this 2021 the Pantone Color Institute announced the colour of the year, rather two: Ultimate Gray (17-5104), a cold and neutral shade of grey, and Illuminating Yellow (13-0647), warm and optimistic.

The choices in terms of fashion, graphics and living spaces are affected by the different colour proposals of Pantone. Gray is often chosen by interior designers as a neutral and universal colour that can be perfectly combined with yellow, forming a winning contrast.

Borzalino, Tuscan based company that produces outstanding sofas and armchairs for a total look in line with craftsmanship and the highest quality, interprets the Pantone 2021 colours trough its products.

Chair BOB and Pouf CLIO & GEA

Chair BOB, designed by Carlo Bimbi
Puff CLIO & GEA, designed by Andrea Andretta

Simplicity and richness are both enclosed in this chair. The curvature of the backrest makes it enveloping and comfortable. Stylistically versatile thanks to the possibility of having two different types of bases.

Twins when it comes to shape and styling. These footstools are created around a sinuous design that brings out the full rigidity of the metal sheet that adds body and style, but also balance and a sense of lightness at the same time


Sofa Franklin , designed by Carlo Bimbi

Sofa Franklin - designed by Carlo Bimbi

The Franklin collection consists in a system of modular in-line, curved and corner elements enhanced by a series of footstool. The soft and wrap-around lines and the modern design make it pleasantly suitable for a furnishing scheme of international taste, at the same time inclined to appreciate the features of good Italian design.

Sofa BEN , designed by Carlo Bimbi

Sofa BEN , designed by Carlo Bimbi

The ben collection presents a system of fixed and modular sofas, that can create an extended range of solutions, both linear and angled. The well-defined and designed lines and the wide modularity constitute the main features of the collection, which adapts to interiors with international taste and simultaneously oriented to appreciate the characteristics of modern italian design. The preciousness of vegetable skin, the special meetings of materials and colors, the great flexibility and its clean lines make this sofa the right piece also for large hospitality and commercial spaces.

Armchair Diva , designed by Carlo Bimbi

borzalino poltrona diva
Armchair Diva, designed by Carlo Bimbi

The original and decorative lines of Art Deco characterise this small armchair  with a wraparound backrest, creatively shaped like a shell. The revolving one is ideal for tea-time or conversation, the fixed version is perfect for a waiting room.

Diva can also be used at the dining table or as a small sofa.  Its shell shape, contained and welcoming, makes it a timeless object. The Diva family chair is the perfect touch of elegance and refinement around the dining table. 

Desk Golia and Mirror LEO

scrittoio Golia Borzalino
Desk GOLIA, designed by Andrea Andretta
Desk LEO, designed by Andrea Andretta

The Golia desk offers a contemporary look at a key element for the living room area. An elegant design that brings out the full beauty of the materials: from wood, to the natural leather on the handrest, and the metal details on the frame. All merged together in a unique alchemy.

A mirror beyond its basic function that acts also as a furnishing element including a coat rack and a shoe rack. The solid wood of the frame is enriched by leather and metal details and colour creates a sophisticated and elegant mix.

Mirror HALF-MOON, designed by Andrea Andretta

Series of treated metal mirrors with several finishes, having also a part coverable with each article of leather or fabric in the collection.