antoniolupi with the sink BORGHI designed by Gumdesign wins EDIDA 2021 for the category Bathroom


GUMDESIGN, Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi

antoniolupi with the sink BORGHI designed by Gumdesign wins EDIDA  2021 (Elle Decor International Design Awards)  for the category Bathroom, one of the most important international awards.

A great satisfaction for antoniolupi and gumdesign who – after having received the nomination for two consecutive years for the Oscar of Design – participated in the Award Ceremony at Villa Necchi Campiglio on September 7th 2021 in Milan, receiving the EDIDA 2021 award for the BATHROOM category in presence of twenty-five international editorial offices of Elle Decoration. Elle Deco International Design Awards (Edida) is a unique international event where 25 directors of the Elle Decoration international network come together to award world design excellence in 14 categories.


BORGHI is the freestanding sink by antoniolupi that reflects the flavors and colors of the
Tuscan tradition. An object with essential geometry and an innovative consistency. BORGHI was
born from the combination of two antithetical materials, totally natural cork and Cristalmood
which is the result of the most advanced technology.

It is the sink with a natural cork base and a Cristalmood sink, the aesthetic result is completely innovative. The washbasin plays with materials, with colors, with textures and above all with contrasts.  Cork is a natural, fire retardant, elastic, light element that does not fear humidity. Cristalmood is a transparent , colorful and resistant resin developed specifically by antoniolupi to create sinks that can be combined with the most diverse materials, creating refined color combinations while offering all the essential functions.


Elle Decor Italia nominated – in March 2021 – the Borghi collection as the best product of the bathroom sector 2020 with this motivation: ” Material experimentation and Italian tradition come together in an original combination in this line of freestanding sinks. The peculiarity is the cork base , natural or toasted, which supports sinks in Cristalmood, a transparent resin patented by the brand. The line is signed by the Tuscans Gumdesign, alias Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi, who take inspiration from Bolgheri, the enchanting village in Maremma, for the nuances Gran Cru, Oleo and Ceruleo that recall the colors of olive trees, wine and the sky. “

” Research, innovation and avant-garde have always been synonymous with the work of antoniolupi which in recent years has seen its range enriched with unique objects, as well as unusual and fascinating projects. Once again, the Tuscan company amazes with a new challenge that sees as its fulcrum, cork, an ancient and multifaceted material, interpreted according to the company’s design philosophy come together with the creative flair of Gumdesign. ”  _Andrea Lupi.

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