2021 trendy colors for interior design

From the earth tones to blue sea, from Pantone yellow and gray to the endless shades of green, these are the trendy colors in 2021 for our houses.

antoniolupi sink sinks cristalmood
Washbasin Senso by antoniolupi

The reassuring tones of beige and brown. The solidity of gray and the energy yellow unleashes. The relaxing shades of green and blue. The trendy colors for 2021 express our need for safety and our desire to be reconnected with nature. During a historical period when thousands of people have been obliged to stay at home, it is imperative to bring the external world into one’s own four walls as well as the longing to make our nest be as more comfortable as possible. A refuge where we can find the harmony we need to face the changes imposed by the health emergency and to build up a new future.

For this reason, the color palettes for 2021 suggested by trend forecaster and by paint companies are inspired by nature.

So, let us see the trendy colors for 2021 for our houses.

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, Pantone 2021

Raindrop, the hidden showerhead by antoniolupi
Showerhead Ghost, AL Design

For the year 2021, Pantone Institute, the US authority in relation to color, has chosen not one but rather two tones: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The former is a bright yellow which expresses energy and positivity. The latter is a refined shade of gray which conveys concreteness and solidity, like the cement it is inspired by. “An everlasting and encouraging union of colors which conveys a message of strength and hope” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, explains.  

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray are two independent colors. It is possible to use them separately or together, and not in the same proportions. The balance between the two colors may change, creating extremely different atmospheres.  

Gray is elegant and versatile. It is possible to use it for surfaces, but also for furniture and accessories. It is a perfect basis for several rooms of your house: from the living room to the bathroom. Illuminating yellow, instead, lights up spaces with energy. Those who dare the most can choose it for walls and furniture, the shiest people can focus on fabrics and accessories.

Here are some ideas.

For a metropolitan style, a gray floor is the best. An example? Kerinox, Gres porcelain tiles floor metal effect by Casalgrande Padana. A material and definitely chic collection of tiles.

If you are looking for an unconventional covering with the Pantone colors, an idea is provided by Mosaico +, the Italian company which reinterpreted the mosaic in a contemporary way. This is Quilt, the collection by Marialaura Rossiello where the mosaic pieces turn into a patchwork. It is available both in yellow and in gray. It is up to you.

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borzalino poltrona diva

A yellow armchair or a gray armchair? Maybe both. It is Diva by Borzalino. A small armchair which is trendy not only for its colors, but also for its comfortable and systematic shape inspired by a shell.

Yellow and gray enter your bathroom with Bemade, the furnishing system by antoniolupi which pays a tribute to the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

K-array Lyzard k1
K-array lyzard Kz1

Lyzard ZK1 by K-ARRAY represents a real revolution in the field of the built-in cases, The Lyzard can be customized to match any RAL code and integrate seamlessly within any venue

Earth tones

casalgrande padana collezione atelier
Atelier, the new collection by Casalgrande Padana inspired by the colors of nature

Beige, brown, brick red. Among the trendy colors for the year 2021 for interior design there are the warm earth tones. A substantial palette which conveys peace and safety, referring not only to earth but also to the handmade items linked to ancestral knowledge.  A return to the roots which is an antidote to our hyperconnected lives.

Suggestions on the way we can match these tones in our houses are provided by Sikkens, an Italian company of paints which has chosen Brave Ground as its color for the year 2021. It is a warm and harmonized beige upon which four palettes were created, ranging from spicy yellow and from clay color to greens and to blues, up to the pink and red tones.

Get inspired by our pictures

casalgrande padana collezione amazzonia
The line Amazzonia by Casalgrande Padana

The warm color of clay can cover the walls thanks to Mist, the collection designed by Kensaku Oshiro for Mosaico+.

borzalino Harmony divano
Sofa Harmony by Borzalino

A cognac leather sofa is an excellent choice for those who love the reassuring earth tones. Particularly if the sofa is characterized by enveloping lines as it is the case with Harmony by Borzalino.

Blue sea

antoniolupi Opale crediti ph Davide Buscaglia per unprogetto
The washbasin Opale by antoniolupi

Chosen as Pantone color for the year 2020, blue is still the key element in 2021, too. It is not surprising. It is, as a matter of fact, a tone which instills a deep sense of peace and relax, helping your concentration. It is a tone which frees your mind, evoking endless horizons of sky and sea. In other words, it is the best color to start breathing again.

And more. Blue is an extremely versatile color. In fact, you can combine it with several colors and materials, adapting it both to indoors in a classical style and to those with a contemporary style.

Some suggestions.

Support with strict lines, soft and comfortable core. Contrasts is the key word for the sofa Ayton by Borzalino. Here it is suggested in the relaxing tones of light blue.  


Blue lights up in Aura, the washbasin of Cristalmood designed by Marco Piva for antoniolupi. The result is magic.

Sunshade Joint di Poggesi

If you have a thing for blue, do not use it in your house, only. Thanks to the sunshade Joint by Poggesi, you can blue your balcony, too.

Thousands shades of green

Casalgrande Padana Limpha
Limpha, the covering by Casalgrande Padana which reproduces creepers.

If nature is more and more the main character of our houses in the months to come, the trendy colors for the year 2021 could not come without green. Whether it is the intense color of leaves or the softer sage, green is in fact the best choice to reconnect with nature. By no coincidence, it impacts positively on our health and it can revive any place.

There are so many shades of green as the opportunities to use it for interiors. From surfaces to furniture, from accessories to baths.

Here are our suggestions.

Sofa Ayton Borzalino

The sofa Ayton by Borzalino in a deep forest green. To feel surrounded by nature, even while you are watching your favorite TV series.

Bathtub or sculpture? It is Reflex, the bathtub by antoniolupi made of Cristalmood. An eco-friendly resin suggested here in a relaxing tone of green. To take a bath of pure wellness.

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