When the house is dressed in wood

Natural and versatile, wood is the ideal material to make the interiors more comfortable.

Synonymous with well-being and comfort, wood is nowadays one of the most used materials in the interior design. It is a natural, warm, and lively raw material. Withstands the passing of years and fashions. It guarantees an excellent thermal equilibrium, allowing to consume less energy. And, if handled responsibly, it is an environmentally friendly material.

antoniolupi BORGHI LEGNO
antoniolupi - Borghi washbasin, designed by Gumdesign
Therefore, it is not surprising that wood is so popular and used by architects and interior designers: from floors to boiserie, from furnishings to accessories. Not to mention that the different available essences make it extremely versatile, allowing it to be combined with any colour and finish. On the other hand, anyone who appreciates this aesthetic feature of wood, but fears its changes over time, can focus on wood-effect stoneware floors and walls. Less warm to walk on with bare feet, but certainly very practical and resistant. Here are some tips.

Anima Liquida Living, antoniolupi

The Anima Liquida Living collection looks like a scenic backdrop that sits close to the wall by superimposing a wooden surface in different woods or lacquer, an elegant and continuous front interrupted only by vertical cuts that mark its modularity. The cabinet also offers a practical shelf hidden by the height of the doors that protrude and shield it from view.
The boiserie/cabinet meets any need and is offered in the version with floor or suspended modules in different widths, heights and depths including the 40 cm version that will allow Anima Liquida to also explore the living area and other rooms in the house.


Borghi, antoniolupi

The Borghi sink designed by Gumdesign is enriched with new materials and colors. An infinite number of solutions for a bathroom with a mximum customization. The collection now includes a new wooded base.

Today Borghi is enriched with the new version with wooden base, a natural material with a warm and soft aesthetic. The search for natural materials is an increasingly important value for antoniolupi which places the theme of ecosustainability at the centre of research into new projects.
Borghi washbasin with wooden base becomes a unique artifact, an original project full of charm which becomes the protagonist of the bathroom for the bathroom.
Available in two versions: Thermo Oak (dark) and Canaletto Walnut (light).

antoniolupi BORGHI LEGNO _Noce Canaletto
antoniolupi BORGHI LEGNO _Rovere Thermo

Regina, Borzalino

Clean lines, new materials, craftmanship, attention to details. These are the distinguishing features of Regina, the new armchair designed by Andrea Andretta for Borzalino. A modern project which, however, seems to come from another time. As a matter of fact, Regina recalls the Scandinavian armchairs of the 50s/60s and evokes their essential lines and the relevance of their natural materials. These materials are still today the main character of the Nordic furniture.
However, Regina is not inspired by the modern Danish design only. The armchair by Borzalino pays tribute to the craftmanship which made Italian design be great. A craftmanship which has always characterized the products by the Tuscan company.

borzalino Regina

Taylor, Borzalino

The Taylor armchair is characterized by the sinuous and elegant shapes of its hand-carved solid wood frame and its soft cushions. This combination of shapes and materials is available in a variety of finishes and blends: Canaletto walnut or ash (lacquered or natural) for the wooden frame, fabrics or leather for the cushions’ cover. The result is an armchair with a solidly sculpted structure and nice craftsmanship that fully express Borzalino’s values, such as elegance, refined design, and comfort.


English Wood, Casalgrande Padana

Oak wood is synonymous with quality and elegance and has been used since ancient times. Now, the wood obtained from majestic European, American, and Japanese oak trees comes to life in Casalgrande Padana’s new English Wood tile collection.

Accentuated veining and a palette of soft, bright colours create a contemporary idea of living and appealing architectural solutions. The new English Wood collection comes in six colours (Cheshire, Dean, Epping, Galloway, Highland, and Snowdonia) and two formats. The 20×120 cm format is 9 mm thick and has a natural and anti-slip finish. The 40×120 cm format is 20 mm thick and features a Grip finish. This format is only available in the Cheshire, Galloway, and Snowdonia colours. These large-format tiles’ anti-slip finish and 20 mm thickness make them perfect for outdoor use.

Laid on screed with adhesive, they make stunning balconies, patios, terraces, verandas, and poolsides. Applied directly to turf, gravel, or sand, they create walkways you can walk on right away. But there’s more. Fixed or height-adjustable polypropylene pedestals help create raised outdoor floors that allow you to hide the electrical and water supply systems beneath them.

Casalgraned Padana ENGLISH WOOD

Country Wood, Casalgrande Padana

These wood-effect ceramic tiles make for an original aesthetic effect that celebrates the passing of time. The slightly worn look of the tiles lends a sense of age-old charm to any space, striking the perfect balance with modern furniture to create a sophisticated, contemporary vibe.

Country Wood combines the original beauty of wood with a carefully planned, natural colour palette to create a versatile surface perfect for both indoor and out.
The collection takes the best of the past and present to produce something completely new and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.
An expressive colour palette that brings the best out of a collection of tiles renowned for their practicality, aesthetics and strength: Country Bianco, Country Greige, Country Ica, Country Marrone and Country Tortora

country wood_

Tarsia, antoniolupi

The material becomes decoration, the texture of the wood is enhanced by the design of man and the processing technologies, the exclusivity of nature that meets the compositional strictness of the form. In the new boxed top Tarsia the essence of geometry and the purity of the volumes is enhanced by the “pointed” motif that characterizes the surface.
Made of Rovere Thermo, the top can transfer a contemporary image through a classic process, defining a sophisticated texture as the background to the countertop basin, rebalancing a hierarchical relationship that has always seen the top as a mere functional instrument of support. In this project, research on materials and surfaces finds the full expression with a proposal that gives identity and personality to the bathroom environment.
Perfect for any type of sink, the Tarsia top confirms the tailor-made approach that is in the DNA of the company, both in terms of the compositions possible with the sink, and in terms of size.

antoniolupi TARSIA TOP