K-array revolutionizes its mini loudspeakers to extreme

LYZARD KZ1, Pioneering, powerful, exclusive.

Three adjectives that appropriately reflect the unique design of the mini Lyzard-KZ1 speaker by K-array.

Needless to say, the loudspeaker is astoundingly small, forming a class of its own. In fact, the mini Lyzard measures 2 x 3.5 x 2 cm and weighs only 26 grams.

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However, the audio performance remains high-profile composed of a 0.5” long excursion driver contained an ultra-resistant aluminum chassis. An innovative sound experience, the high-efficiency driver, which covers an impressively wide frequency range, has a neodymium magnet and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer noise.





LYZARD KZ14 and the small LYZARD KZ1
K-array lyzard Kz1