DESIGN | OLMAR  | 24  MARCH 2021

Giulio Cappellini, new Art Director for OLMAR

Combining design and technology: a challenge, an objective

Giulio Cappellini

OLMAR  is a company which designs and produces sanitizing, cleansing and heating systems with no need of installation and chimney. Since 1957 this Company has achieved important objectives thanks to its technological know-how applied to heating products. Several patents and its registration in the special register for innovative start-ups give evidence of the deep innovation the Company brings to this sector.


In 2021 OLMAR entrusts the art direction to Giulio Cappellini, designer and ambassador of the Italian design in the world, and the restyling project which implies the development of new products, too.

“My intervention at OLMAR will consist in fully emphasizing technicality, creating products intended for home high traffic rooms” Giulio Cappellini explains.  “OLMAR aims to be a collection of very rigorous items, design items available in several forms and finishing. Products you can easily arrange in places with both a modern architecture and with a more classic architecture”.

Olmar Prelude

The electric heating systems by OLMAR apply the Far Infrared Rays technology (FIR). OLMAR studied and patented an exclusive feature allowing to sanitize residential, contract and outdoor locations by using silver ions and air ozonization.

The design of the “body” of systems by OLMAR shall follow well defined rules and the form aesthetical aspect shall adapt to the rules the technological function imposes. “It is definitely a great challenge” Giulio Cappellini states – “it is never easy to apply design to extremely technical items, but this is actually the challenge I like”.

A new project

The long new route OLMAR has taken together with Giulio Cappellini is carried on by a team of professionals who believed and still believe in this project. This work has just started, but it will involve other external personalities, too, who will be consulted to interpreter these heating and sanitization systems.

“Team working is always very stimulating, to carry out collective projects where different people may give their interpretations, people who have very different backgrounds, cultures and educations and consequently they can bring to the company new ideas and always different projects. This is my way to carry on the art direction and I think this is a contemporary way to do so”.

“Our company –Marco Foscari, CEO of OLMAR observes – has always been focused on researching and the producing extremely functional products, where technology has definitely been at the core of the project. Up to now, we have stood out on the market for our products functionality; today we entrust Giulio Cappellini with the art direction of our company because we want to become a point of reference, in terms of appearance too, in the air sanitizing and heating sector”.





Olmar Prelude

In the picture,  electric fireplace Prelude with air sanitation. It is characterized by elegant design. A graphic sign on the wall where the only protagonist is the fire.

The furthest subdivision of light is the red-violet range; this is where the ‘Far’ Infrared Rays (FIR) originate. FIR are the most beneficial rays as they transfer their energy in the form of heat as opposed to visible light. They are also known as bio-infrared or biogenetic rays – generators of life.

Sizes:  L40 x H200 x P17 cm,

2400 watts
Remote control with temperature adjustment
4 power levels
9 hours of programming

Colors: Gold – Silver – Bronze – Black.